Typing Tips
Mousercise-  Day 6, step X-  Key Positions

When you place your hands on the keyboard, feel for the bumps
      on the "f" and "j" keys.  This is where your index fingers will rest.
Keep your wrists raised so your hands curve down to the home keys.
Note that some keys are larger than others.

The Backspace key is used to erase.

The Enter key works like the Return key on a typewriter.  It will bring you to the next line.

The Spacebar is the long bar at bottom,  You may type empty spaces with either thumb.

You have a pair of Shift keys on either side of the keyboard.  Holding Shift down while typing will produce Upper Case letters- or the upper symbol on the keys.  You depress Shift with the pinky opposite the had that is typing the letter.

If you happen to touch the Caps Lock key, your keyboard will be locked into typing ALL CAPITAL letters.  You'll see a little light on the opposite side of you keyboard that lets you know Caps Lock is "on." 
Click Caps Lock on and off now to see how this light works.

Looking down on your own keyboard, it is difficult to tell the comma key apart from the apostrophe.  The one on the higher row- next to the Enter key- is the one that goes higher in the air- the apostrophe.  While on the lower row, the comma and the period are adjacent. 


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